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Welcome to the exciting world of Dreamswave.

Dreams Wave India marketing. Pvt Ltd has been started by the active leaders having over 20 Years of vast experience. We humbly declare that we are fully aware of intricacies, pitfalls and the hardships of the marketing people. We have come from ground level and seen every far end of each road in network marketing.

So we rightly can claim that we propose a better opportunity and the solid one.Incoming days keeping inview the financial constraints, unemployment problem,unstable cost of living and compitation in the market. Etc. So We launched Dreams Wave which truly promises realise all your Dreams and desires.

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Joining Offer
1. Purchase Rs.2000/- you will get Fabric Wash or Room Freshner M.R.P Rs. 250/- for Rs.1/- Only.

2. Purchase Rs.4000/- you will get Diabetic Care Juice M.R.P Rs. 620/- for Rs.1/- Only

3. Purchase Rs.6000/- you will get Noni Gold Juice M.R.P Rs. 1050/- for Rs.1/- Only

Repurchase Offer

Purchase 15Nos Aloe Beauty Soap, you will get 1No Aleo Beauty Soap for Rs.1/-

Purchase 6Nos Skin Whitning Cream, you will get 1NoSkin Whitning Cream for Rs.1/-

Purchase 10Nos Sandal Agarbathi, you will get 1No Sandal Agarbathi for Rs.1/-

Purchase 10Nos Jasmin Agarbathi, you will get 1No Jasmin Agarbathi for Rs.1/-

Purchase 10Nos Jodi Agarbathi, you will get 1No Jodi Agarbathi for Rs.1/-

Purchase 10Nos Fab Agarbathi, you will get 1No Fab Agarbathi for Rs.1/-

Purchase 12Nos 100% Pure Coconut oil you will get 1No Coconut Oil for Rs.1/-

Purchase 8 Nos Tulasi Ark, you will get 1No Tilasi Ark for Rs.1/-

Purchase 5 Nos Fabric Wash you will get 1No Fabric Wash for Rs.1/-

Purchase 5 Nos Room Freshner, you will get 1No Room Freshner for Rs.1/-




Bumper offer

You can get only any one above offers in Joining & Repurchaseing.


‘Dreamswave Vision and Mission’

Top Achievers

Emerold Distributors( Forien Tour)
1. P. PRASUNA (Gudur)

Platinum Distributors( Mini Laptop)
1. N Parvathi (Gudur)
2. N Ramesh (Gudur)
3. K Naresh

Gold Distributors( Smart Phone)

1. M Subba Rao (Atmakur)

2. K Ram Mohan Rao

3. D Ranganayakulu (Markapuram)

4. K Srinivasulu

5. K Lavanya

6. M Murali Krishna (Gudur)

7. K Narsimlu (nellore)

8. S Srinivasulu

9. V Ratnam Naidu

10. K Venkateshwara Rao

Vision Values  

The Mission of Dreamswave is,

  • To Provide Excellent Service to people and help them Financial Freedom through our Business System.
  • To Provide Premimum Quality Herbal Personal Care Products to help standards of living.
  • To Provide world class Products to people at normal cost and the power of life.
  • To be a respected and ethics, moral values in all the business of the company to create new life style.
  • To fullfill to your dreams
  • Dreams Wave Provides a Innovative opportunity to fulfill dreams and desires of the millions of the people.©2015 All Rights Reserved Powered By: